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I, along with 6 business partners, owned a resort on the South Shore of Utila from 2007-2014.  Brad Ryon not only became a close friend during our time on the island, he also became our real estate agent when we made the decision to sell.   Brad is extremely perceptive with regard to Honduran real estate law and endlessly advised us concerning the contrasting scenarios for selling.  Just as importantly, Brad is trustworthy, which is exceptionally significant when conducting business in a lesser developed country.   Thanks to Brad's eye to detail and ability to navigate Honduran law, the closing on the resort was completely uneventful.  If you are considering purchasing property on Utila, I highly propose you contact Utila Realty and Brad Ryon.   Not only will you find him insightful and well informed, he's a charming person, honest and enjoyable to be around.  We found great comfort turning over many of the sale details to him.  I am happy to personally speak to anyone interested in further details regarding our experiences with Utila Realty.  Brad is a superior agent!

Kyle Heath

Hello to all potential new real estate investors of Utila Bay Islands. This is a big positive recommendation to buying and living here on this amazing island. My husband and I had been searching for a few years for our paradise and it always seemed that we would hit a bit of a snag somewhere. From the moment that we first met Brad Ryon with Utila Realty all the cards began to fall into place. Brad has been one of the best realtors we have ever used and this includes all of the real estate business we did in our home country of Canada. He was very thorough with all that was required to do business in this county. He told us all the pros and cons of the house that we were interested in and then let us make the decision, there were no pressure sales with Brad. There are a few steps that are different here obviously, but honestly quite a bit easier. We used all the professional recommendations he suggested with a lawyer and insurance and within 3 weeks of finding our dream home, we MOVED in. And well we are now "Living the Dream"! As my husband and I say, "don't tell us we are lucky, you could be here too, you just have to take the step".

Jody and Cary Holtz

Until February this year we had never heard of Utila. And would never have dreamed of buying property in Honduras. And even if we did, never a small resort. So when we saw a picture of a small resort that we loved on the internet - the ocean, the reef, the forest and the remoteness, we were still highly skeptical that we could do it. Too complex. Too many unknowns. Too risky.
But we were incredibly fortunate to meet Brad Ryon, the owner of Utila Realty. He helped us through the entire process. From the first call, he patiently answered basic questions about Honduras and Utila, property ownership laws, local customs and the experience of others that had gone before us. Because he has lived on the island for many years, he has a vast depth of knowledge, but we also never felt like he was selling to us. He gave honest answers to all our questions, pointing out pitfalls and risks as we went. Then when we visited the island he came well prepared with information about the properties we were interested in, as well as others that may be suitable too. He took more than a day showing us around not just the properties, but also the town, the Cays and the whole island so we could get a better sense of what life on the island was like.
And then, during the final stage of the process - completing the sale - he handled all the details very professionally. Connecting us with a good local lawyer, handling all the paper work, staying in regular communication, and promptly responding to any questions and handling any issue that came up. Without him we never would have or could have done this. His efforts were not limited to closing the deal - he also answered questions about anything else we needed to know (like opening a bank account, where to buy stuff, etc.), going way above and beyond what a typical realtor would go.
He ALWAYS acted with great professionalism, with patience and a friendly and good-humored style, and most importantly with absolute integrity. We have not known Brad very long yet, but we would do business with him again anytime.
Paul and Christna

On a return trip to Utila we decided that indeed this little island paradise of Utila was one we wanted to commit to.  We had done some looking around online and with some locals. We decided to work with Utila Realty and Brad to assure all the paperwork would be legitimate.  Brad and his staff were wonderful to work with, we were shown lots of great properties and never pressured. Once we found our slice of heaven, Utila Realty guided us through the processes and paperwork. We were able to buy and close in a process far easier than the US! As we head back to the Bay Islands Brad and his wonderful staff have stayed in contact and still offer help anywhere they can, like getting our lots cleared!! Utila Realty is professional, friendly, fast and puts your interests first!

Nick & Sarah

I can not fault the services of Brad et el. at Utila Realty during the sale of my lot on the south shore. Brad suggested Juan Jose Alcero Milla at Alguilar Castillo Love to perform the legal work and he too was outstanding. All parties replied to my emails in a timely fashion and communicated very well throughout. I would not hesitate to recommend both Utila Realty and J.J. Alcero Milla. Thanks guys for making the whole process smooth, secure and possible to undertake from Europe.

Peter Ringrose