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We first had dealings with Brad and the crew at Utila Realty when they came to our rescuer on a listing we had with another Realtor on the island that wasn’t going so well. They stepped in and in no time the property was sold to the satisfaction of both the buyer and ourselves.

So when we decided to put another of other properties up for sale it only made sense to go back to the trusted experience of Brad, Andi and Mary at Utila Realty. Their professionalism and knowledge has made every deal go smoothly and to the satisfaction of all parties.

If you are considering a little Caribbean get away look no further. I highly recommend, Brad, Andi and Mary at Utila Realty.

Diann and Ralph Babel

Although I have purchased land before in Utila this was my first experience of working with Utila Realty, and of selling a property, and I cannot believe how easy they made the whole process seem. From responsive and immediate communication, to being one step ahead of my every thought and concern, they were even diligent enough to iron out small glitches in my paperwork from a previous transaction that had nothing to do with them, and at no charge. I would not hesitate to recommend or use their services again and would actually look forward to it, they made what I imagined to be a difficult process very straight forward and operate to the highest standard of professionalism.

Andy Phillips

To Brad, Andi and Mary,

Thank you for making this process so painless. Like many Americans thinking of buying a home in Honduras, my first thoughts were of complications, cons and government red tape. Surely someone is trying to take all of my money, kidnap me and sell my organs to the highest bidder or perhaps they want to turn me into their gringo-slave producing organic coffee beans for the local Starbucks warlord (None of this will happen). After hearing all the fictitious nightmare scenarios from people who are too comfortable with their mundane and sanitized U.S. lives, I decided to pull the trigger on my dream beach house. Every step of the way, the crew at Utila Realty dealt with me and all my time consuming questions with professionalism and courtesy. The process of buying a house in Honduras was made easier than ordering late night Thai food in NYC, seriously. It didn't make sense to me at first because bureaucracy in Latin America is often suicide inducing or at least cringe worthy At no point were there any issues whatsoever, sending large amounts of money to offshore escrow accounts is actually pretty cool and I recommend everyone do it at least once in their lives. Even after my house was paid for and all the business was out of the way, Brad, Andi and Mary were there for me with anything I needed, which most of the time was just a break from my bike ride in the air-conditioning at their office. From buying a house to diving with them as friends, Utila Realty is a welcome oasis from the usual chaos and stress of a major purchase. I thank you all again and will see you soon.