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REMU0147,  The Castle

$ 790,000
This unique property replicates a castle and is situated in the middle of two lots in the Tradewind community of Rocky Point Estates.

This distinctive property replicates a castle and is situated in the middle of two lots in the Tradewind community of Rocky Point Estates.

6000 square feet of regal real estate that must be seen to fully appreciate the artistic work that has gone into the details of this remarkable home.

The Castle is a Utila landmark with three floors of living spaces and 18 exterior walls. It is complete with a salt water moat and a turreted roof, large castle doors and hand-picked furniture pieces which were lovingly chosen by the owner over the years, to match seamlessly with the castle theme.

Enter the grounds by going over a small rock bridge over the salt water moat and into the shade of the trellis where vines of purple flowers hang and hummingbirds flit about. There is a large and spacious yard with many flowering and fruiting trees and an outdoor pizza oven and smoke house. There is also a splash pond for birds and an outbuilding for gardening tools, water sports equipment or vehicle storage.

You will certainly feel like royalty when you step through the double castle doors and into the breezy entrance of a cool alcove. The thickness of the walls and the intentional design to allow maximum air flow through the many arches and "arrow head openings" in the castle walls make the dwelling comfortable all year long.

There is a space beyond the entrance on the ground floor that could be used as a kitchenette and a guest bedroom or lounge with cushioned seating areas that billow with bright blue silk much like an Arabic lounge. There is a full bathroom partitioned from this space by a wall inlaid with glass bottles which form the shape of a fish adding both colour and light to the room. A seashell encrusted sink add character to the room which also has a glass block shower.

There are three entrances at the ground floor into the Castle, the side entrance is next to the outdoor stair case with inlaid glass which leads to the second floor of the building. Also accessible through this side entrance is another small bridge over the moat which leads to the work shop and green houses where there are roses and edible plants growing.

You can pass through the castle to the sea-facing side of the property through another set of double doors where there are hanging swings and outdoor living spaces for eating, socializing or simply relaxing. There are paths which lead directly to the beach and the Caribbean Sea beyond. There is a fringing reef and small island just off of the shore which act as a wave breaks and add natural dramatic effects when the wind is up and waves crash and foam against them.

A curved interior staircase with inlaid rocks and wall sconces leads the way to the second floor living areas. A circular space in the middle of the floor acts as an atrium from which all rooms are located off of. The floors of the castle are made of concrete but have had a design etched into them to make them appear as though they were made of wood.

The kitchen counter is made of 5 inch poured concrete with cabinets and pantry spaces constructed of red brick. Antique iron chandeliers and other details add to the charm of the incomparable residence.

On the second floor in the study area there is a large Aztec calendar mounted on the wall in a custom made circular concrete molding.

The spacious guest bedroom has a "Juliette" balcony facing the garden and a large wood armoire.

A grand full bathroom is situated between the guest and master bedrooms with two entrances on either end, each end with its own toilet cleverly designed as a throne! The counter tops and floor are made of poured concrete and inlaid with rocks. Pipes are concealed beneath an exterior of seashells and the shower is made of glass block and inlaid rock. There is a "wishing well" that can be used to draw water up to the bathroom directly from the cistern. A window with inlaid coloured glass allows beautiful filtered light to pass into this space while maintaining privacy for the user.

The master bedroom has a hanging circular bed and is open to one side of the stone fireplace. Windows from this bedroom look out to the Caribbean Sea and offer a royal view.

Wooden ceiling beams are visible throughout this floor and add to the medieval character. The sitting and dining area has a large double castle door leading to a balcony which faces the Sea and can be used as an additional outdoor eating or entertaining area.The furniture in this room is unique and fitting for the castle theme with the stone fireplace a central feature.

A wooden curved staircase winds up to the third floor where there is another bedroom and ensuite bathroom with a ceiling inlaid with blue glass bottles. The shower room has a ceiling which is open to the stars.

The third floor roof top balcony is a large and inviting place to entertain or to quietly enjoy the natural beauty with a bar and dumbwaiter for direct access to the kitchen below. A large Jacuzzi tub can seat up to twelve people and boasts unparalleled views of the Caribbean Sea and the mountain range on the mainland of Honduras beyond.

The exterior stair case has a glass mosaic inlaid into each step and leads back down to the second story and to the ground level. A ladder leads up to the roof of the third floor bedroom and bathroom-an observation deck where the stunning view gets even better and 360 degrees of the island, the mangroves, Pumpkin Hill and Utila Bay can be admired without obstruction.

The Castle will be sold furnished.

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