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REMU0032,  Interior Property at Swanix Ridge

$ 115,000

Lots & Land for Sale, Utila, Bay Islands, Honduras
Lush interior property located off of the main road which leads to the Utila airport.

Price recently reduced for this interior property located just off of the main paved road which connects the Utila airport with the centre of town, gives the feeling of quiet seclusion due to the mature foliage cover. However, it is easily accessible via the road which runs through it, splitting the property into two parts. The East side of the property boasts a fresh water cave and the mature tropical forest which surrounds it offers the sense of tranquility. Property is also available to be sold for $29,000 per acre-limited time reduced price.

Price Reduced

Price Reduced: Price Reduced

Property Details

Location: Swanix Ridge
Social Beach: Pumpkin Hill Beach
Access: Road
Lot Size: 4.8 acres
View: Tropical Foliage or Garden