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REMU0125,  Swanix Bay Home Site

$ 20,000
Lots & Land for Sale, Utila, Bay Islands, Honduras
This beautiful home site can offer expansive views of the surrounding diverse topography minutes from the beach with road access to Utila town.

This large single lot is available close to the sea near the Utila Airport. This beautiful home site can offer expansive views of the surrounding diverse topography. Close to Airport Beach and the Utila Airport this large property, which will be broken off from a larger double lot - therefore the total area above is an approximation, is off-the-grid-perfect for a solar power system- and accessible via the paved road from Utila town. The center of town can be reached in under fifteen minutes by scooter or motor cycle. Located far enough from the beach to be buffered from salt spray with the surrounding foliage offering further protection a two story home could offer incredible views and benefit from the prevailing trade winds. The beach is just a few minutes walk from this home site and there are many other areas close by to be explored including fresh water caves and jungle as well as Pumpkin Hill. The adjoining lot can be sold together with this lot with a total area of 0.63 acres with a listed price of $35,000.00. Please contact us for more details.

Property Details

Location: Swanix Bay
Social Beach: Airport Beach
Access: Road
Lot Size: 0.32 acres
View: Tropical Foliage or Garden