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To Brad, Andi and Mary, Thank you for making this process so painless. Like many Americans thinking of buying a home in Honduras, my first thoughts were of complications, cons and government red tape. Surely someone is trying to take all of my money, kidnap me and sell my organs to the highest bidder or perhaps they want to turn me into their gringo-slave producing organic coffee beans for the local Starbucks warlord (None of this will happen). After hearing all the fictitious nightmare scenarios from people who are too comfortable with their mundane and sanitized U.S. lives, I decided to pull the trigger on my dream beach house. Every step of the way, the crew at Utila Realty dealt with me and all my time consuming questions with professionalism and courtesy. The process of buying a house in Honduras was made easier than ordering late night Thai food in NYC, seriously. It didn't make sense to me at first because bureaucracy in Latin America is often suicide inducing or at least cringe worthy At no point were there any issues whatsoever, sending large amounts of money to offshore escrow accounts is actually pretty cool and I recommend everyone do it at least once in their lives. Even after my house was paid for and all the business was out of the way, Brad, Andi and Mary were there for me with anything I needed, which most of the time was just a break from my bike ride in the air-conditioning at their office. From buying a house to diving with them as friends, Utila Realty is a welcome oasis from the usual chaos and stress of a major purchase. I thank you all again and will see you soon.


Although I have purchased land before in Utila this was my first experience of working with Utila Realty, and of selling a property, and I cannot believe how easy they made the whole process seem. From responsive and immediate communication, to being one step ahead of my every thought and concern, they were even diligent enough to iron out small glitches in my paperwork from a previous transaction that had nothing to do with them, and at no charge. I would not hesitate to recommend or use their services again and would actually look forward to it, they made what I imagined to be a difficult process very straight forward and operate to the highest standard of professionalism.

Andy Phillips

We first had dealings with Brad and the crew at Utila Realty when they came to our rescuer on a listing we had with another Realtor on the island that wasn’t going so well. They stepped in and in no time the property was sold to the satisfaction of both the buyer and ourselves. So when we decided to put another of other properties up for sale it only made sense to go back to the trusted experience of Brad, Andi and Mary at Utila Realty. Their professionalism and knowledge has made every deal go smoothly and to the satisfaction of all parties. If you are considering a little Caribbean get away look no further. I highly recommend, Brad, Andi and Mary at Utila Realty.

Diann and Ralph Babel

We were very impressed with Utila Realty. The team was very professional, with a personal touch which we appreciated very much especially because we were buying in a foreign country. What we appreciated is that they knew there stuff, laws and legalities were all done efficiently and correctly. We now have our beautiful piece of property which we are enjoying thoroughly. Even when the deal was finished and we had questions Brad, Andi or Mary came to our assistence no problem. We would highly reccommend Utila Realty, for us buying and selling, the only one for us.

Bruce and Sarah

We cannot say enough about how amazing Utila Realty has been to work with. We were so excited to buy on Utila, but were terrified about the process as well. Brad and Mary made it so easy and constantly reassured us about the process, answered all of our questions, no matter how ridiculous, and never seemed to lose patience with us. I had never wired money anywhere before, much less to some island in the Carribbean, so it was especially reassuring to be able to sit at the bank with one or both of them on the phone talking me through it to ensure that our savings got to where it needed to go. Even prior, though, Brad showed us multiple properties and listened to what we really wanted, spent time showing us construction and building hints, and even took us to his own house to show how to build in Utila for use, ease, and air flow. All of this was a full 6 months before we actually chose a property and decided to start the buying process. Even now, we feel so lucky to have these wonderful people as a resource to learn the ways of island life as we embark on this next phase of our lives. Thanks Utila Realty for helping us realize our dream and making it seem so easy!

Christine and Rodney Brinkley

I've been coming to Honduras and the Bay Islands for 15 years. Over that time, I've seen the effects of foreign investment on Roatan. Due to the delicate ecosystem of the reefs, I cringe at development that doesn't take into account the values of mangroves and the damaging effects of runoff from clearing land. Feeling a bit protective of my favorite hideaway Utila, I'd often thought of buying a slice to try to protect at least a little tiny bit. (And also of course there is the benefit of having a winter getaway) Seeing almost the whole South Shore for sale made me act. When I started pursuing it, what drew me to Utila Realty was that Andi and Brad are Marine Biologists. It couldn't have been more perfect. I felt like their first priority is the Island and although development is never what land needs, they are excellent stewards and examples of trying to do it responsibly. They have a wealth of knowledge on solar power (an excellent option on an island that looses power frequently) and even composting toilets! Mary is I think one of the kindest people I've ever met, honestly. I don't think one second of her smile is for business, it just radiates from within. I felt guilty for all of the extra questions extraneous to the actual sale, but Mary never hesitated to help. In addition, they draw you into the community and are well connected on the island to put you in touch with anyone you may need to contact. I feel better about Utila development if Utila Realty is leading the helm. Future South Shore Resident,


Since before my wife and I were married we dreamed of owning beachfront property somewhere tropical. We began searching on our own – Mexico, Belize, Panama and the list goes on – but the more we looked, the more complicated it seemed. Beachfront property was scarce and anything that was available was way out of our price range or in an area where ownership of land was not altogether secure. Then we met Andi who told us about living in Utila and introduced us to Brad and Mary at Utila Realty. We told Brad we were looking for land to build a vacation home with the potential to be an income property. He took us around to each listing that might fit our criteria and some that he thought would be of interest – even just to compare and see what we’d get for our money on Utila. Utila Realty was unlike any real estate company we've ever dealt with – dedicated, honest and noticeably looking out for us, the customer and not for themselves or the commission. They walked us through the in's and out's of buying land in Honduras and happily answered any questions we had to ensure we were more than confident about our purchase. We are now officially part of the Utila community and living the dream – all thanks to Brad, Andi and Mary at Utila Realty.

Tim and Melinda

Brad at Utila Realty helped our family buy a beach house in March of 2007. We are extremely happy with the way Brad handled negotiating, closing the transaction, and title. Brad carefully explained every step of the process to us, and made buying foreign property seem easy. He and his wife Andi even helped get the property listed as a vacation rental. The house has been generating income since we bought it. I am amazed at Brad's commitment to his clientele, his knowledge of the local real estate process, and his integrity.

Sanborn family

Our dream was to move to a warm, sunny, beautiful and relaxed tropical island – and we found that in Utila. The next stage of our dream was to buy a house – and we were delighted when we discovered that on Utila we could still buy a piece of beachfront land and afford to design and build our perfect beach home. However, we lived in the UK and so were very nervous of making the wrong decisions, not asking the right questions or getting caught out by local legislation or complexities. We wanted to ensure that our hard eared money remained secure until we bought the land but who would guide us through this? That is where Utila Realty and Brad, Andi and Mary came into their own. We found them to be honest, straightforward and highly professional people who cared about the island and us and wanted us to make the right choices. They gave us all the options, flagged all the things we needed to think about, guided us through every aspect of the purchase and made the whole process of deciding and purchasing simple and enjoyable. We never felt “sold” to or pressurized and always felt they had our best interests at heart. We have now made the permanent move to Utila and our beautiful beach house is almost complete. (Ahead of schedule and in budget!) - and we love it. The process of moving here and settling since we arrived has been facilitated by the warmth, friendship, support and help offered to us by Brad, Andi and Mary. They’ve given us invaluable advice and have welcomed us into the community. For anyone thinking of Utila as somewhere to live (whether permanently or just for vacations) – we would say “dive in”, you won’t regret it as long as you do it with Utila Realty. We would be happy to share our experiences with you if you have any questions – feel free to ask for our contact details – and we hope to see you in Utila soon!

Sarah and Dec Dowdall

Last year Utila Realty handled the sale of my lot on the South Shore. They made everything easy from the signing of the sales contract to the transfer of the funds to my account at the end of the sale. I was living in the States and everything was done by telephone, email, or DHL. I can't say enough about their efficiency, honesty, and keeping me well informed during the entire process. Whether buying or selling on Utila, Utila Realty is the team for me.

Linda Baiz

Ludy and I were just speaking last night about how we have never received such excellent service in any arena of life as we have from you. Your attention to details, privacy, confidentiality, ethics, and level of professionalism are par excellence. This sale would never have gone through without your commitment, sense of timing, knowledge, and expertise. I cannot say enough about how dearly we have appreciated all you have done for us under the most difficult of circumstances. Everyone in the family feels the same and I will personally see to it that they each contribute to this testimonial since all have expressed a sincere desire to let you know how impressed we have been with your services.

Sylvia Daple

Being from Alaska, it was not cost effective for me to travel back and forth to finalize my Utila land purchase. Fortunately, Mary and the rest of the team at Utila Realty came to my rescue!! They took control to make sure the process kept moving and I was informed of the progress. Without their assistance I probably would have had to give up on my dream of owning a slice of paradise. I look forward to working with the Utila Realty team in the future and would recommend their services to anyone. A top notch company with top notch staff!!


I have received nothing but graciousness, incredible efficiency, and a high level of competence from the wonderful staff at Utila Realty. The concept of buying an international property---on an island, no less---is a bit daunting for any newcomer. I was initially at the intellectual level of Buying International Property for Dummies. Brad explained everything very clearly and carefully regarding titles, surveys, property taxes, closing costs, and legal assessments. He drove me all over the island, honestly telling me the pros and cons of numerous properties. When I felt comfortable and confident enough to make my choice, I left the island basically leaving all of the logistics in their hands. This was such a relief. Since then, they've gone beyond the role of just being my realtors. They've made a huge effort to introduce me to people on the island, so I've been able to start feeling acclimated and accepted in the Utila community. This effort, of course, is priceless. I definitely feel very lucky that I chose Utila Realty (Brad, Andi, and Mary).

Lisa Railsback

From our very first contact right through until closing the team at Utila Realty made purchasing in Utila as easy as purchasing in my home town. They had impeccable communication throughout the deal which lead to a flawless closing. Next time I am looking to buy or sell in Utila the team at Utila Realty will be my first and only call.

Nicholas Nowak

After researching various Caribbean locations for investment and future retirement locations, we became very intrigued with the Bay Islands and Utila in particular. It seemed to offer a rare combination of beautiful reef systems, relatively low cost of living, and the ability to purchase fully titled water front at reasonable prices. That said, the process was unfamiliar and there's no lack of horror stories floating around the internet about buying property in Central America and Caribbean islands. We finally decided to make contact with Utila Realty, and followed up with a visit to the island. We fell in love with it and decided that this was indeed where we wanted to invest and eventually live. Brad and Andi gave us very good insights into the practical realities of life on the island, and introduced us to several residents in the community. As marine biologists they even provided fascinating insights into the biology of the inner lagoons and reef system. Over the course of the property purchase, they provided us with step by step guidance on the intricacies of the process. They also provided us with a trust worthy and responsive attorney to handle the legal aspects of the transaction, and clarified any questions that came up along the way. Our confidence in their integrity and competence grew along the way as did our appreciation of their tire-less efforts to ensure our that our transaction was handled properly, and that every question we had was answered to our satisfaction. They have become good friends and even after our transaction completed continue to assist us in many ways with our future plans on the island. Their associate Mary is a most delightful and helpful person as well. These are the definitely the folks you want to work with if you're contemplating taking a stake in Utila!

Doug and Linda Joseph

"Excellent services, even from Europe I could follow all the processes, I was quickly informed after each step. To Buy with Utila Realty is as easy as going to Utila choose what you want, come back home and relax. Utila Realty will keep you up to date. Thanks a lot for your help in buying the land of my dreams" "Un servicio excelente, desde Europa he sido capaz de seguir todo el proceso de principio a fin, se me informaba rápidamente de cada paso conseguido. Comprar con Utila Realty is tan sencillo como ir a Utila, elegir lo que quieres y volver a casa. Utila Realty te mantendrá al corriente de todo. Muchas gracias por vuestra ayuda en la compra del terreno de mis sueno" Thanks and regards


Dear Andi, Brad and Mary, Jimmy, Sylvia and I would like to thank you for providing us with such excellent service in the sale of our property on Jack Neal Beach. We were so pleased at your professionalism and your follow through. We have sold a variety of properties, and never have we experienced a Realtor that was so knowledgeable, thorough and always on top of things. We also thank you for your patience, and for being so gently persistent with us to get you all the needed documents. We know that we would never have been able to do this ourselves. You earned every penny of your commission! If you ever need a recommendation, please don't hesitate to give our name. We will happily sing your praises. They are well deserved. It has been a pleasure working with you, and we wish you the best of luck and success in your business. Sincerely,

Lourdes Price, Sylvia Daple and James Daple

Even though we did not finish our purchase we have to say that the service, disponibility and cordiality of Utila realty was what we were looking for. Living in Canada could have made every step complicated, but Brad and Andi made it very easy by their honesty, their level of competence and their ethics. We alway dreamed of having our piece of land somewhere near the ocean and good diving spot, our dream is only put on ice for the moment. If you are looking to buy in Utila, Brad and Andi have your best interest at heart. Without hesitation we are recommending Utila realty for selling or purchasing. Thank you Brad and Andi for your integrity.

Nathalie and Marc

Brad, Mary and Andy have helped us so much with putting our Mango Tree Building on the market. Their advice and good humor make it nice to work with them in an unfamiliar situation. Thanks all.

Carrell & Marty Ebert

I was extremely pleased with the effort and results produced by Utila Realty in selling my property. Their efforts and tenacity during difficult economic times paid off. What impressed me even more, was their ability to close the deal in three weeks and handle everything in Utila, so I didn't need to make an additional trip to close the sale. Great staff, Great Marketing, Great Staff!

Richard Jaross

The entire team at Utila Realty are exactly what their mission statement suggests - an extended family. I am overly pleased, appreciative and truly grateful for walking through their doors. The entire staff work together and there is no 'my deal, his deal attitude'. It is absolutely apparent that they love their jobs and part of their job is to find you your dream location / home so the end result is nothing short of amazing customer service. Everything about the piece of land I bought seemed customized to my preferences and they went above and beyond their role to make sure I could 'test the waters' whichever way to make me feel comfortable. Brad, Alex and Jennie thank you for making what is suppose to be a 'stressful time' a lot of fun and and easy breeze. I Highly recommend this team to anyone who is on the fence on buying anything Utila based, you would be doing yourself a disservice to try to buy from anyone else. Cheers

Vanessa Ramsay

One thing that impressed me about Utila Realty is that Brad returned all my e mails within hours of me sending a request or concern. Even when he was traveling he returned the emails. They have a good team to work with and are well respected on the island. Thank you for being part of selling our home there.

Tamara O

My husband and I came to Utila on a first-time vacation and returned with a home on the beach. Literally everyone we met was forthcoming with advice about home buying and home building in Utila and they were not always in agreement. One pearl of advice was consistent among all the ex-pats in Utila: If you buy real estate in Utila, buy through Brad Ryon; if you don’t buy through Brad, at least let him handle your transfer of ownership. We worked with Brad and his staff and have no regrets. Buying real estate in a foreign country is scary and confusing. No appraisal! No building inspection! We were on our own. To say he is honest doesn’t quite cover it. He never pressured us. He walked that delicate line between buyer and seller professionally and gracefully. The support from Brad and his staff did not end with the signing of the closing documents either. He is the guru of all things Utila and has continued to assist us with our adjustments to the quirks of Utila life. Brad and staff go far beyond the call of duty.

Susan & Mike Round

I can not fault the services of Brad et el. at Utila Realty during the sale of my lot on the south shore. Brad suggested Juan Jose Alcero Milla at Alguilar Castillo Love to perform the legal work and he too was outstanding. All parties replied to my emails in a timely fashion and communicated very well throughout. I would not hesitate to recommend both Utila Realty and J.J. Alcero Milla. Thanks guys for making the whole process smooth, secure and possible to undertake from Europe.

Peter Ringrose

On a return trip to Utila we decided that indeed this little island paradise of Utila was one we wanted to commit to. We had done some looking around online and with some locals. We decided to work with Utila Realty and Brad to assure all the paperwork would be legitimate. Brad and his staff were wonderful to work with, we were shown lots of great properties and never pressured. Once we found our slice of heaven, Utila Realty guided us through the processes and paperwork. We were able to buy and close in a process far easier than the US! As we head back to the Bay Islands Brad and his wonderful staff have stayed in contact and still offer help anywhere they can, like getting our lots cleared!! Utila Realty is professional, friendly, fast and puts your interests first!

Nick & Sarah

Until February this year we had never heard of Utila. And would never have dreamed of buying property in Honduras. And even if we did, never a small resort. So when we saw a picture of a small resort that we loved on the internet - the ocean, the reef, the forest and the remoteness, we were still highly skeptical that we could do it. Too complex. Too many unknowns. Too risky. But we were incredibly fortunate to meet Brad Ryon, the owner of Utila Realty. He helped us through the entire process. From the first call, he patiently answered basic questions about Honduras and Utila, property ownership laws, local customs and the experience of others that had gone before us. Because he has lived on the island for many years, he has a vast depth of knowledge, but we also never felt like he was selling to us. He gave honest answers to all our questions, pointing out pitfalls and risks as we went. Then when we visited the island he came well prepared with information about the properties we were interested in, as well as others that may be suitable too. He took more than a day showing us around not just the properties, but also the town, the Cays and the whole island so we could get a better sense of what life on the island was like. And then, during the final stage of the process - completing the sale - he handled all the details very professionally. Connecting us with a good local lawyer, handling all the paper work, staying in regular communication, and promptly responding to any questions and handling any issue that came up. Without him we never would have or could have done this. His efforts were not limited to closing the deal - he also answered questions about anything else we needed to know (like opening a bank account, where to buy stuff, etc.), going way above and beyond what a typical realtor would go. He ALWAYS acted with great professionalism, with patience and a friendly and good-humored style, and most importantly with absolute integrity. We have not known Brad very long yet, but we would do business with him again anytime.

Paul & Christna

Hello to all potential new real estate investors of Utila Bay Islands. This is a big positive recommendation to buying and living here on this amazing island. My husband and I had been searching for a few years for our paradise and it always seemed that we would hit a bit of a snag somewhere. From the moment that we first met Brad Ryon with Utila Realty all the cards began to fall into place. Brad has been one of the best realtors we have ever used and this includes all of the real estate business we did in our home country of Canada. He was very thorough with all that was required to do business in this county. He told us all the pros and cons of the house that we were interested in and then let us make the decision, there were no pressure sales with Brad. There are a few steps that are different here obviously, but honestly quite a bit easier. We used all the professional recommendations he suggested with a lawyer and insurance and within 3 weeks of finding our dream home, we MOVED in. And well we are now "Living the Dream"! As my husband and I say, "don't tell us we are lucky, you could be here too, you just have to take the step".

Jody & Cary Holtz

I, along with 6 business partners, owned a resort on the South Shore of Utila from 2007-2014. Brad Ryon not only became a close friend during our time on the island, he also became our real estate agent when we made the decision to sell. Brad is extremely perceptive with regard to Honduran real estate law and endlessly advised us concerning the contrasting scenarios for selling. Just as importantly, Brad is trustworthy, which is exceptionally significant when conducting business in a lesser developed country. Thanks to Brad's eye to detail and ability to navigate Honduran law, the closing on the resort was completely uneventful. If you are considering purchasing property on Utila, I highly propose you contact Utila Realty and Brad Ryon. Not only will you find him insightful and well informed, he's a charming person, honest and enjoyable to be around. We found great comfort turning over many of the sale details to him. I am happy to personally speak to anyone interested in further details regarding our experiences with Utila Realty. Brad is a superior agent!

Kyle Heath

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